Memo 09.01.2020

What Trump Should Say in Kenosha


Time to set the record straight.

In an even more pathetic tone than usual, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has told Trump that he shouldn’t come visit in the wake of the Kenosha riots. This is a sign that that Trump absolutely should visit, as he intends to do. Whenever our ruling classes directly oppose Trump to make him look like the bad guy, you know he and his team must go full steam ahead.

And the stuffed shirts are certainly bringing out the big narrative guns for Trump’s visit—they know that election day is near and that the stakes are high. Joe Biden’s staffers, in ominous concert with practically every mainstream journalist, are casting about in a ludicrous attempt to pin the looting, arson, intimidation, and murder which are spreading across the country on Trump and the Right.

Meanwhile the family of Jacob Blake, the man whose shooting by police was the pretext for the latest riots, have publicly stated that they deplore the violence which is currently ravaging poor and minority American communities. As the legacy media screams “nothing to see here” ever more shrilly into the teeth of the rising flames, Trump must appear publicly in Kenosha to make the truth known.

Here is what he should say:

My fellow Americans, it is my honor to speak to you from the wonderful town of Kenosha. But it is an honor I bear with sorrow today as I behold the violence and devastation which the Democrat Party has allowed and encouraged here. You can look at pictures and hear reports of what the radical mob is doing in our beautiful cities. But you can’t really understand the full scope of it unless you put your feet on the ground, unless you sift your fingers through the rubble of black-owned businesses and hear the tremor in the voices of American patriots as they hold back tears over their ruined cities.

This is the product of the American Left today. This carnage belongs to them. Our great nation is being held hostage by a terrorist coalition consisting of BLM, Antifa, and splinter cells of disaffected young people whom the Democratic party has abused by impoverishing them and teaching them to hate their country. These radical groups and their vicious trained operatives are mobilizing these angry and confused young people. BLM and Antifa are violent insurrectionists, operating together with the political support of the Democratic Party and corrupt corporate, media, and academic institutions across the nation. They are well-funded, ferociously radical, and hell-bent on the destruction of the country.

I spoke today with the owner of the car lot here in Kenosha which was senselessly burned to the ground by rioters. The Khindri family are not white—as if that would excuse the vicious destruction of their property. They are of Indian origin, part of the glorious patchwork of American families and businesses that can be found all over our country. They have incurred over $2.5 million dollars in damages. Their dreams—their beautiful American dreams—lie in ashes in the ground for one reason only: because the Democrats have allowed it to be so.

I spoke also with the family of Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who brought his gun and his first-aid kit to the riots so he could defend private property and innocent lives from being taken in this madness. Kyle was seen helping injured rioters just moments before he discharged his weapon against violent actors—also armed—who were rushing at him. What happened that night was tragic, and it should never have to happen again in our cities. I will remain in contact with the Rittenhouse family, and I wish Kyle all the best in his impending court case. He has been treated shamefully by our news media, who are jumping to false conclusions before the facts of his case are fully known.

Let me say this as strongly as I can: the fake news is not here to help you. They are not your friends. Their high calling—to speak the truth so that informed citizens may use their freedom well—lies in these ashes along with every other cherished thing the brownshirts want to burn. Along with the small businesses they loot and destroy. Along with the American flags they desecrate. Along with the Bibles they toss heedlessly on the fire to feed the hungry flames of their destructive cause.

I am here today because I stand for the American people. I am here for the families of Kyle Rittenhouse and Anmol Khindri and yes, for the family of Jacob Blake whose shooting was the catalyst for this latest round of indiscriminate violence. Jacob’s family have said they are “disgusted” by what is going on. These are not their riots. They are not your riots. They are not the riots of black Americans or of any patriotic American. They are not our riots.

No, these are the insurrectionary riots of the Democratic Party, who are now the puppets of Marxist groups like BLM and Antifa. Joe Biden has yet to disavow Antifa or Black Lives Matter. He is now weakly trying to condemn the violence for which his party and their lackeys are responsible. It’s too late now, Sleepy Joe. And what about Kamala Harris, who said this horrible mess will not stop and should continue even after the election? Joe Biden is also retreating into the ludicrous lie that this is being done by radical right-wingers. Guess he spent too much time in the basement. I condemn extremism of all kinds, but the devastation on our streets is due to one kind of extremism: Marxist revolution, funded and fueled by elite foundations and donors, allowed and encouraged by the mainstream Democrat Party.

But hear me: these violent domestic terrorists will not win. The American people are strong. They will not accept intimidation, will not bow to fear. Our heritage is the heritage of warriors, of statesmen, of patriots. Of John Adams and Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. And this November, I am going to honor that heritage by leading the Republican Party to victory with your help.

I am going to do it for you, so that your streets can be safe again. And I am going to do it with you, on the surge of support from people of every race, creed, and former party affiliation which I am currently seeing in the polls. We will not allow Black Lives Matter to hold black Americans hostage. They come into your neighborhoods and incite your children to break the law and destroy your communities. I know they do not represent you. Over 80% of Black Americans, like all Americans, do not want to defund the police. They simply want justice and the American way—which is the equality of all citizens under the law.

You may not agree with me on everything. Heck, you may not even like me! But I am the one who will stand with you and say: enough is enough. I am the one who will stand up to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and BLM and Antifa. They have come this far. They will come no further. Thank you for having me here today. Let’s take our country back. Goodnight, and God bless America.

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