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Sen. Rubio remarks on civil society and race

After Mr. Floyd’s horrific murder at the hands of a man sworn to uphold the law, our nation has seen justified anger. As I said here two weeks ago, it is a moment that calls for not just “police reform”; it calls for a full reckoning with racial inequities that still plague our nation. There…


Sen. Rubio remarks on the State of the Union address

President Trump’s State of the Union address was a welcome reminder that life exists outside of Washington for millions of Americans too busy with life to pass their time hooked to the tumult of partisan politics. After watching the deterioration of our national unity and rapid politicization of every aspect of their lives, Americans have…

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Exclusive: American Industrial Policy and the Rise of China

Senator Marco Rubio speaks at National Defense University on the need for a ‘pro-American industrial policy’ to counter China.