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What happens when everything is an orifice?

In January, the American Dialect Society named the suffix “-ussy” its 2022 word of the year.

Its original use was in the term “bussy,” a portmanteau some gay men use to refer to the male anus (or “boy pussy”). And it only got worse from there.

“[N]ow everything is a cat or a cavity,” Betty Squires wrote in Vulture. “A calzone is a pizzussy. A wine bottle has a winussy. Princess Fiona has an ogussy.”

What the hell is going on here? Are the zoomers ok? The answer to the second question is “no.” The answer to the first begins with transhumanism, or what writer Mary Harrington calls the “Meat Lego Matrix.”

“In this worldview,” she explains, “human bodies are not sacred, let alone inseparable from consciousness. They’re inert meat we’re entitled to enclose for profit, instrumentalise at will, and rearrange like toy building-blocks to suit our sense of self.”

Bodies become modular. We now have “vagina owners” rather than “women.” Don’t have a penis? Strap on a rubber one! Or (for the truly committed) have a doctor carve a phallus out of your forearm. Don’t want any genitals at all? That can be arranged too. If you’ve got the cash, you can purchase the perfect “Instagram face” or a few extra inches of height. You can even rent someone else’s womb.

Other examples abound. Lizzo raps about “walking in my Balenciussies,” presumably because Balenciaga shoes have openings, soft insides, and an aura of glamor and luxury. That last point is especially troubling. In the trend-setting “WAP,” Cardi B devotes verse after verse to the pleasure-giving and money-making virtues of her top-shelf lady box. Not everyone is born with such high-performance genitals, but in addition to being modular, each part of the transhumanist body is also upgradable (according to our whims rather than God’s or nature’s purposes). Hence the rise in labiaplasties among teen girls, who worry about being mocked when they can’t measure up to what boys see in porn.

Hence also this viral TikTok, in which a male-to-female transgender person describes the results of his vaginoplasty as “designer, expensive, bougie coochie.” Those deluxe genitals were created by experts under controlled conditions, just like the lab-grown meat we’re already hearing is superior to what grows on the cow. Also, “she” paid $35,000 for “hers.” You got yours for free.

Of course, the open wound the surgeons installed between the TikToker’s legs is nothing more than a hole to be penetrated. That’s all an -ussy is. A Church of England preacher provided an especially revolting illustration of this mindset in November when he argued that Jesus, by virtue of the gash cut in His side by a soldier’s spear, has a “trans body.” Withhold your wallet from an armed mugger and—congratulations!—you’re a strong proud transwoman who’s currently passing out from her multiple knife woundussies. Should have sprung for the $35,000 version—I’m told those don’t bleed.

In the Meat Lego Matrix, each body part becomes detached from its function within the whole. St. Paul’s warning proves prescient. “For the body is not one member, but many. If the foot shall say, Because I am not the hand, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body?”

The word “pussy” is crude partly because it reduces the vagina (and sometimes the whole woman) to a pleasurable thrusting hole. But not entirely. You wouldn’t sodomize a microwaved watermelon and then tell your bros you “got some pussy.” The term tends to obscure a woman’s personhood and her capacity to nurture new life. Yet it’s only “pussy” if it remains attached to a human woman and her reproductive system. There’s a weird Derrida absence/presence thing going here. I think. I’m not sure I understand Derrida.

The way around this impediment to the total instrumentalization of embodied humanity is to simultaneously broaden and narrow the term “pussy.” Broaden it to include all cavities and narrow it to exclude, as the old joke has it, “the useless skin around the pussy.” (For those who haven’t heard the punchline, the “useless skin” is called either “a woman” or “the womb.”) -ussification marks the first step in that process. “Boy pussy” is nonsense if it means “male female sex organ” but not if it means “male thrusting hole.” The actual function doesn’t matter, only the use to which it is put.

In the transhumanist future, your body is not an integral part of your identity. It’s a thing, or rather a collection of things, all of which have specs and price tags. Soon, you’ll need to upgrade your parts to function in society. We’ve seen the same process with internet access, which in just a few decades went from a curiosity to a competitive advantage to a necessity to a government-subsidized human right. In the vision of our trendsetting vanguard, humanity is slated for the same planned obsolescence. For everyone else, the horizons lie beyond “humanity” altogether—and though they’re headed fast in that direction, they may not like it when they get there.

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