Feature 11.21.2018

Thanks, For What? (Antle, Codevilla, Alt, Stuart, and Wolfe)


Jim Antle on how Thanksgiving remains, Angelo Codevilla on the Judeo-Christianity still discernible in the American soul, Kevin Stuart on the American Civil Religion, Robert Alt on the oppression we have thus far avoided, and Christopher Wolfe listing some basic freedoms we ought not take for granted.

That Which Unites Us

Jim Antle on how Thanksgiving remains one of our few unifying traditions.

Thanks, For What?

Angelo Codevilla on the deep sources of our thanks.

The Otherwise Minded

Robert Alt on the oppression we have thus far avoided.

American Civil Religion, Rightly Understood

Kevin Stuart on an unabashed Thanksgiving as American civil religion.

Thanksgiving in the American Republic: 2018

Christopher Wolfe on the freedoms we yet possess.

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