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The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #206

The American Mind’s ‘Editorial Roundtable’ podcast is a weekly conversation with Ryan Williams, James Poulos, Seth Barron, and Spencer Klavan devoted to uncovering the ideas and principles that drive American political life. Stream here or download from your favorite podcast host.

Respect the “Other” | The Roundtable Ep. 206

Republicans are seriously struggling to harness the momentum that Red-State governors have generated in favor of immigration enforcement. Is any Republican in Congress both competent and bold? Meanwhile, Nikki Haley suffered the latest and most embarrassing of her defeats in Nevada on Tuesday, losing a primary in which Trump did not participate, so that voters instead picked “None of These Candidates.” Plus: Elon Musk is doing some great things, including challenging Disney and other megacorps. Can he be a benevolent force, or is he a sinister transhumanist? In closing, a full complement of editors remind you to read the damn site.

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