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The Ouroboros Moment

Tattoo art style illustration of egyptian symbol uroboros. Snake biting itself by the tail

Today’s official version of “progress” is eating its own tail.

A huge lie woven into Woke culture is that its underlying philosophy is progressive. It’s advertised as a falling away from sterile traditions and oppressive ways of thought, and breaking forward into a startling new way of viewing gender, race, and reality. These non-gender conforming, emotion-led activists have dismantled the walls of the blinkered morons who grew up in paternalistic families that brainwashed them into following ancient creeds. We have entered an era of radical critique that historicizes “objective truth” and reveals the sinews of power relations that were served by it.

Actually, it’s all recycled. There’s little more ancient a creed than the worship of the snake. The symbol of the tail-eating snake goes back to ancient Egypt, passing into Greece as the ouroboros and then across Europe as a gnostic and occult talisman. The idea that true knowledge is self-referential and that reality is subjectively based on each person’s sensory experience is a philosophy as old as philosophy itself. Unlike a more Aristotelean line of logic, which would say that people do perceive reality primarily through senses but that the reality we sense is objectively similar for all, modern materialism and immaterialism often shared a relativistic kind of insistence that identity of experience could not be proven. We all live in our own little realities, the self-referentialists concluded, and everything you sense is from your mind. The only thing that is true is the Spirit or spark of consciousness that injects your mind with your reality.

 It is difficult to maintain consistently the argument that reality is primarily subjective. Once you say it’s all up to you, the line is blurred between what is real and fictional. It seems thrilling at first, but once you go down that road, it’s impossible not to run up against the bedrock realities of human identity. Self-styled “progressives,” you are here. 

And try as you might, your inconsistencies start noticing themselves. Jill over there with the Adam’s apple and the testosterone is not only trying to live by her (his) own subjective reality but is now trying to point a government gun at the rest of us and tell us to live by her subjective reality. Which would mean she doesn’t want her reality to be subjective anymore. If you took away that government gun, Jill would just be a guy who called himself Jill, and we’d all be okay with that so long as he doesn’t try and go near our daughters in public restrooms. Jill’s reality would be intact, or as intact as an insane reality can be, and my reality would not be infringed upon. I could call Jill he/him if I’d like, because that’s what I perceive Jill to be, and he shouldn’t be affected by that because he lives in his own reality anyway.

But that’s not enough, and that’s the problem many people have with the trans movement. It’s not a matter of “live and let live” anymore, but of forcibly altering our human identity into something else, something we’re supposed to trust the fanatics to forge and impose. Their lack of logic is more and more apparent as the movement grows. Gender is a scale, and male and female are the extremes, but there’s no such thing as gender-specificities. So there’s no outward way to distinguish male and female, but they do exist as the ends of the spectrum. Yet drag queens, generally men dressed as women, put on all of the stereotypical external feminine marks and mannerisms in order to signify that they are indeed imitating famous (biologically) female singers or film stars. They pull out the heels and false eyelashes and sequins to signify that they are trying to imitate femininity, because these things are engrained in all our minds as being more womanly. And then the movement expects us to give toy trucks to our baby girls because “how dare you say trucks are boy toys??” There are no rules other than to break the rules of human nature, and to kneel before whatever artifice is “next.” 

We naturally recognize male and female. There’s no way to argue against that. And no, it’s not just because society has constructed it that way. Children recognize it, our biology recognizes it, and there’s no getting around that—not without disfiguring our humanity beyond recognition. No matter how hard they may try, the veil of the “trans” movement is wearing thinner and thinner. An old philosophy aims to consume what we are to create something new. Unless we fight this unnatural transformation, soon even we won’t be us anymore. 

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