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Liberal Hate, Kid Edition

Children learning in a school classroom

The Left aims to corrupt children for their own nefarious purposes.

I sometimes wonder if liberals are conscious of their hatred toward children. Lord knows that they have a seemingly inexhaustible amount of hatred for white people, for their country, for conservatives, for the Constitution, for working people (“rednecks”), for the police, for the Founding Fathers, for comedy, for history, for science, for anyone who thinks differently, for anyone who refused the Covid injection, for…you get the idea. But their hatred of children is a less remarked upon—but possibly even more important—phenomenon.

Liberals see children as a vehicle to implement their ideology in society. They work to make children ideological clones of themselves, and if it injures them in any manner, well, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

It begins with indoctrination in schools. Liberals have a long, well-documented track record of falsifying historical facts and science. They further magnify and constantly obsess over racist episodes from America’s past—or invent them altogether. Additionally, through CRT and its variants, they foster racial hatred that leads to white children being physically attacked by blacks or becoming consumed with guilt for being white.

Furthermore, it appears that liberals are interested in making children ignorant, which sounds counterintuitive since they simultaneously harp about education (doublethink is truly fascinating). During the Covid fiasco, for example, schools were closed with predictably detrimental results for children. “The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny,” tweeted the Chicago Teachers Union. A California teachers union claimed that reopening schools during the Covid faux pandemic was due to “cynical, pearl-clutching, faux-urgency, ableist, structurally white-supremacist hysteria.”

The mandate to close schools was done supposedly to safeguard the lives of children from Covid, even though it was thoroughly established from day one that they were immune to the virus. And then there is the push for “equity” by eliminating requirements for basic skills in reading, writing, and math, the idea being, “If we cannot make everyone intelligent, let’s make everyone stupid. Besides, if they are ignorant they are easier to manipulate.”

Further indication that the Left is waging war on children is their campaign to transform as many as possible either into homosexuals or transgenders. Deranged teachers, some of whom are closet pedophiles who seek to groom children, focus on corrupting the minds of the most vulnerable using linguistic legerdemain. Some teachers have Pride flags and similar kitsch in their classrooms, some male teachers go to schools dressed in drag, some schools have drag shows or take children to drag shows without their parents’ knowledge, and students are forced to participate in Pride events, just as children in the Soviet Union and National Socialist Germany were forced to participate in propaganda marches.

Efforts to manipulate kids are often supported by toxic, neurotic mothers. In the animal kingdom some females eat their young. In America, liberal mothers turn their children into transgenders and homosexuals. They are usually single mothers (some of whom are certifiably psychotic), with fathers not having custody of their children.

In order to ensure the sexual mutilation of brainwashed children, leftists have resorted to employing the power of the state to remove children from parents’ custody. This tactic has proven to be very effective and is accompanied by the usual justifications, from “it takes a village to raise a child” to a Canadian leftist MP gleefully proclaiming that parents have no rights over their children.

A recent Pew survey found that a majority of Democrats felt that parents should not have the right to opt out of their children being indoctrinated in CRT or homosexuality. Presumably, they think the state needs to make sure that little children are thoroughly acquainted with the fun of fellatio and adventures in anal sex (why does talking about sex in the workplace constitute sexual harassment but is “educational” when done with little children?).

Only a liberal would conceive of removing a boy from his parents’ custody to castrate him, or cut off the breasts of a girl and rip out her uterus, all the while injecting them with toxic chemicals to disrupt their normal development. As if these immoral acts were not enough, liberals welcome drag queens to thrust their crotches in children’s faces inside schools and public libraries. Only a liberal could conceive and justify—and enforce—these actions. Pertinent to this phenomenon is the historical precedent in Marxist countries where children were thought to belong to the state and were often employed against their parents.

And as if turning children into homosexuals or physically mutilating them by a pack of Mengeles was not enough, we come to the horrid cases of school shootings. We all know the familiar scenario. A deranged student decides to commit a mass shooting in a school, whereupon liberals call for the elimination of all guns in society, and conservatives respond with the flaccid “thoughts and prayers.” The interesting fact that is usually overlooked is that for our country’s first two centuries, numerous children in America were thoroughly acquainted and proficient in handling guns. School shootings became relatively common only after Columbine. Regardless, the liberals resist commonsense measures of having an armed guard in schools or having only one entry to schools.

And then we come to the contentious issue of abortion. Killing unborn babies, sometimes as late as the third trimester, has been a goal of the Left for decades. In all fairness, abortion is favored by many women who are either apolitical or have otherwise conservative views. Although women are traditionally more involved in the welfare of children than men, it has been my observation that women more often commit infanticide, in one way or another, than men. But the fact remains that the Left love the idea of killing children in utero. Or even those babies who are seconds away from being born.

The question, then, is what can we do to protect children from the Left’s efforts at indoctrination and sexual mutilation besides writing angry comments on websites and holding prayer meetings? I can think of an answer—but it could not be printed anywhere.

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