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Keep the Fiction Going

Pro-Palestinian Rally Held On Columbia University Campus

Liberal Jews are desperate to maintain the delusion that their major enemies are outside the house.

Though I find no reason to defend everything that Tucker Carlson and his talking partner Candace Owens said recently—in a discussion that has been widely denounced in news commentaries extending from the leftist Israeli newspaper Haaretz to the neoconservative New York Post—I’ll concede at least one point to Tucker in his latest courting of controversy. He posed a long overdue question about those who are now pulling their donations from the Ivies and other prestigious universities. Why did these presumably mostly Jewish donors, after decades of lavishing their largess on radical institutions, suddenly stop this practice when these institutions went from defending “white genocide” to backing Arab terrorists? And should we be praising these benefactors with buyer’s remorse because they finally began noticing evil when their own ethnic group came under attack? My answer is absolutely not.

One had to be fairly obtuse, or perhaps share the anti-white, anti-Western hatred permeating the institutions in question, not to notice their earlier aberrations. This obvious truth should have dawned on said benefactors even before their beneficiaries fell in love with Hamas and began attacking Israelis as tools of “the Christian Zionist white supremacist,” if I may quote a protester interviewed at last week’s pro-Hamas demonstration in front of the DNC’s headquarters in Washington.

I also refuse to be impressed that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) will henceforth only support pro-Israeli Democrats. This certainly doesn’t suggest any kind of ideological about-face. AIPAC, an organization whose members typically lean left in American politics, will go on backing predominantly Democratic candidates for office. They are therefore arguing that the pro-Hamas elements in their party are just a few bad apples. These few, we are assured, should not be confused with the rest of an admirably progressive party, which pushes critical race theory, the degradation of the white race, and the destruction of gender identity.

But this may not be the case. According to Axios: “President Biden’s initial response to the Israel-Hamas war sparked some of the harshest criticism he’s received from progressives and people of color in his party and those lawmakers think the party’s base is on their side.”

Jewish promoters of the cultural Left, like the ADL, are wedded to a storyline that has grown both stale and implausible. It maintains that Jews are the perpetual scapegoats of the white Christian West, and that the real enemies of the Jews are Islamophobes and those who conspicuously defend white people. Thus, the ADL and President Biden want instruction about antisemitism to be linked to a crusade against white nationalism and Islamophobia. Haven’t these deniers of the obvious noticed from exactly where the hatred against Israel and more generally Jews is now coming? It’s certainly not from my white evangelical neighbors, nor from the local Catholic priest.

I couldn’t help thinking when I heard the Holocaust historian and Democratic activist Deborah Lipstadt tell listeners at last week’s Washington March for Israel that we’re just encountering traditional “Jew hatred.” Professor Lipstadt has her own way of defining this problem. She has repeatedly compared our former president to the Nazis and likened those who question the reported results of the 2020 presidential election to Holocaust deniers. As a critic of those election results, I suppose I too may be an unwitting Nazi sympathizer, or at the very least someone responsible for the pro-Hamas furor on American campuses.

Attempts by many Jewish activists on the Left to defend Israel while blaming the present surge of antisemitism on a right-wing whipping boy have become an embarrassing obsession. They can’t seem to deal with certain realities. The anti-Israeli hysteria is coming overwhelmingly from the Left and registered Democrats. This doesn’t mean that everyone on the other side is totally in agreement with the Israeli government, but the energy and violence associated with pro-Hamas agitation and demonstrations are issuing entirely from one side of the political spectrum.

Moreover, the attacks on Israel are totally consistent with everything the Left has been promoting for decades. Its anti-white, anti-Western, anti-colonial fixations have found a natural home in the support of Muslim terrorists. This is the case no matter how obligingly Hakeem Jeffries takes time off from denouncing white racism, a practice engaged in by his favorite uncle, black nationalist Leonard Jeffries, to ritualistically denounce Hamas. Obviously, Jeffries as a leading Democratic politician wants to hold on to the pro-Israel Jewish donors to his party.

What matters for that part of the Left that is still pro-Israeli is to keep the old storyline going. Jews, along with Muslims, gays, women, and blacks, are all supposedly co-victims of white Christian bigotry. Jewish organizations have rushed to give LGBT-victims of the Holocaust equal billing. We are led to believe that homosexuals and lesbians whom the Nazis persecuted suffered equally with the Jews. (We are dealing with at most a few thousand homosexual victims in comparison to six million Jews and close to three million Poles.) But such bizarre sharing of one’s victim status yields fewer and fewer points these days. The non-Jewish Left have their own victim tales; and there, Jews are increasingly being linked to white Christian enemies. Further, the Jewish “colonial” homeland is coming under fire from what was imagined to be friendly quarters. Fortunately, Jews do have conservative Christian allies. Unfortunately, many Jews like the other side much better.     

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