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Kamikaze Trump


If Trump is going down, he should take the swamp monsters down with him.

For four and a half years, Donald John Trump has embarked on a daring mission to help rescue America. Almost singlehandedly he has destroyed the credibility of the legacy media, killed long-exhausted sacred cows of the political establishment, and reminded Republicans that we can fight for more than a slower surrender. He has built a multi-ethnic workers’ party that loves America without shame while simultaneously revealing the shameless depravity of rootless elites who will do anything and destroy anyone to cling to power.

President Trump is now going to the courts and coming back to the rally stage to expose electoral fraud and prove one last time that reports of his political death were greatly exaggerated.

Yet eking out recount wins in Arizona and Georgia while simultaneously overturning roughly 50,000 votes in Pennsylvania is an insanely tall order. After all, a man can survive one stab—and maybe 10– but even Caesar fell at the 23rd knife in his back.

At best, we won’t know the true results of the election for weeks. But if after recounting and investigations the official electoral college tally confirms the media’s declaration of a Trump loss, we don’t have weeks to spare. Hell, we don’t even have hours.

As President Trump battles for victory at the ballot box, he should use the next ten weeks before Inauguration Day to keep on winning, and winning, and winning for the American people in any way he can. We elected a fighter, and the fight is far from finished.

End the wars: President Trump promised to bring our troops home and end the foreign wars that our chickenhawk leaders sent other people’s sons to die in. He should finally tune out neocons for good and follow his peace-loving gut. He is the commander-in-chief, and any general that disobeys his orders should be removed or reassigned. Already the President has fired former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper—scion of the military industrial complex—and installed more friendly leaders at the Pentagon. If Joe Biden wins, he either has to ratify what will be one of President Trump’s most popular decisions, or he will cave to the warmongers in his party and kick off the third decade of America’s Afghanistan occupation with a deathly unpopular re-invasion. No matter what happens, it’s promises made, promises kept for the Don.

Fire the generals: Besides operating as a black hole for public funds, the Pentagon also serves as an extremely successful arm of the pink police state. West Point cadets are required to watch films criticizing “gender roles” and “hyper-masculinity.” Recent graduates signed a letter condemning “systemic racism” at the school. Every single branch of the Armed Forces has offices or initiatives committed to leftwing “diversity and inclusion.” Generals speak openly about the need to make “adjustments” in the service to tackle “unconscious bias.”

This is about much more than using the military to conduct social experiments. The Left’s crusade for “anti-racism” and identity politics is an explicit rejection of the American Founding and the innate equality of man proclaimed by our Declaration of Independence. If this ideology succeeds, it will not only silence all dissent with cries of “racism,” it will also create a racial- and grievance-group caste system inimical to the natural equality at the center of our constitutional government.

Allowing this ideology to infect our military is a threat to our republic. The President must use his authority as commander-in-chief to remove military leaders that support this anti-American poison, and he should replace them with officers that put America first. Those who have actually served directly with enlisted men and women in recent memory would be better candidates than those corrupted by the emasculating bureaucracy of the Pentagon career pipeline.

Appoint a special counsel to investigate Biden corruption: The media and tech monopolies buried the story where no light can shine, but the credible accusations that Joe Biden himself is compromised by foreign cash, having received millions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party, cannot be ignored. The Department of Justice appointed a Democrat-run special counsel that spent nearly two years investigating alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign (ironically sparked by a Russian-sourced anti-Trump Dossier). It’s time for the Democrats to have a taste of their own medicine. President Trump should appoint an independent-minded, untainted special counsel to investigate the Biden family’s corruption. If a President Biden were to fire the special counsel, we would know for sure that he’s hiding something. If not, the Justice Department could find what Twitter and NPR didn’t want us to see.

Fill the bench: Every Republican judge near retirement should retire. Every open judicial seat should be filled. If Mitch McConnell is capable of anything, it’s confirming judicial nominees. By January 20, there shouldn’t be a single seat to fill on any federal court anywhere.

Declassify: The deep state and their army of “national security officials” have spent years smearing Trump in the press, leaking damaging information, and all but openly campaigning for the Democrat Party. President Trump should order a review of classified material and start declassifying anything that embarrasses the FBI, the CIA, and the rest of the deep state without damaging national security. These rogue agencies need to be brought to heel before they become true praetorian guards with the power to keep presidents under their thumb.

Is there any major “intelligence” that proved laughably wrong? How about the roots of the Russia investigation? Like the President’s call with Ukraine that became the Democrats’ vehicle for impeachment, are there any juicy conversations Vice President Biden had with foreign leaders that the people might be interested in reading? While we’re at it, why not throw our conspiracy theorist friends a bone and show a little leg on UFOs and the JFK assassination.

Finalize the rules: Executive orders can be overturned with the stroke of a pen. But once those orders become formal rules issued by the administrative state, the process to repeal can take months, if not years. Whether it’s Trump’s Most-Favored-Nation rule, which body slams Big Pharma and slashes drug prices for the people, or seeing if the executive order banning critical race theory training in federal agencies and contractors can be issued as a formal rule, it’s time to steamroll the slow-walking leftwing bureaucracy, check all the boxes of the Administrative Procedures Act, and get some regulations across the finish line.

Burrow the political appointees: In certain circumstances, political appointees can be converted to career civil service employees, replete with all of the patently absurd protections that make firing nearly impossible. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the administrative state is almost entirely illegitimate and unconstitutional. But back in 2016, 95% of the money that federal workers gave to the presidential campaigns filled Hillary Clinton’s coffers. So until we have a real plan to demolish the Department of Education or downsize the Department of Labor and scatter its offices to Sioux Falls, Shreveport, and Spokane, we might as well have some of our own pulling levers behind the curtain.

Pardon Hillary Clinton: This troll is worth it just for the lols.

This election, the empire struck back with everything it had. The corrupt establishment delayed news of the vaccine, ginned up phony polls, covered up Biden family corruption, censored conservative voices online, spread unwarranted fear about the coronavirus, and generated a mail-in voting scam subject to unprecedented fraud. They have spent the past nearly four years conjuring wilder and more destructive schemes to take down the president. Despite everything they have done, now they demand a quiet concession and a smooth transition. We don’t owe them anything. Let’s turn the establishment’s champagne to ashes in their mouths. If President Trump is going down, he should take the swamp creatures down with him.

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