Audio 03.25.2021 1 hour 3 minutes

The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #62

The American Mind’s ‘Editorial Roundtable’ podcast is a weekly conversation with Ryan Williams, Matt Peterson, James Poulos, Seth Barron, and Spencer Klavan devoted to uncovering the ideas and principles that drive American political life. Stream here or download from your favorite podcast host.

Racialized Tragedy | The Roundtable Ep. 62

It’s been a sad week for America. A shooting in Boulder claimed the lives of ten people. And like clockwork, the Left is using it as an opportunity to feast on the Second Amendment. That’s not even the only crisis of the week: the Biden administration is massively fumbling on the border, by conservative and liberal standards. Plus: Kristi Noem fails to read the political room. Twice.

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