Audio 09.22.2021 18 minutes

Tell Me What You Really Think #210

The American Mind’s Tell Me What You Really Think is a weekly interview series featuring the host, Spencer Klavan, and The American Mind’s publisher and editors aimed at dissecting the issues facing us in America today and finding out what the cast really thinks.

Lessons From Del Rio ft. Seth Barron 

In this week’s edition of TMWYRT, Spencer is joined by The American Mind’s managing editor, Seth Barron. The two discuss the still unfolding situation involving thousands of Haitian migrants in Del Rio and what larger political questions are raised by the problem. Plus: why does the Left love the New Testament?

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David Goldman joins Angelo Codevilla on the “Claremont Review of Books Foum” 10.14.14

At this October 7 CRB Forum in New York City, Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Angelo Codevilla discusses strategy, foreign policy, and American security with David P. Goldman, author of the "Spengler" column for Asia Times Online and the "Spengler" blog at PJ Media. The occasion for the discussion is Goldman's review of Codevilla's recent book To Make and Keep Peace in the Claremont Review of Books.

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