Charles Kesler, Mark Lilla, and Heather MacDonald Discuss Identity Politics

Charles Kesler of the Claremont Review of Books, Mark Lilla of Columbia University, and Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute join moderator Ryan Williams, president of the Claremont Institute, to examine the political and moral threat of identity politics and the means necessary to reinstate and protect the motto on which our republic stands: e pluribus unum. The Claremont Institute hosted this panel on November 9, 2017 at the Harvard Club in NYC.


John Marini joins “Life, Liberty & Levin” 6.16.19

John Marini joins Mark Levin on "Life, Liberty & Levin" to discuss governmental abuse of power and its effect on individual liberty.


John Burtka on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” 6.5.19

John Burtka, Executive Director at The American Conservative, joins Tucker Carlson to make the case for a new GOP economic agenda to strengthen families and the middle class.


Inez Stepman on “Tipping Point” with Liz Wheeler 5.28.19

Inez Stepman, senior policy analyst at the Independent Women's Forum, joins Liz Wheeler to explain why conservatives need to take back cultural institutions from the Left, starting with K-12 education.