Matthew Spalding, Associate Vice President of Hillsdale College and Fellow at the Claremont Institute, appeared on a panel at the American Political Science Association's annual meeting to discuss the 116th Congress and its efficacy as a lawmaking body.


The panel also featured talks from Kathryn Pearson, an Associate Professor specializing in American politics at the University of Minnesota; Molly Reynolds, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution; and James Wallner, a Senior Governance Fellow at the R Street Institute. It was chaired by Joseph Postell, an Assistant Professor of political science at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. A full video of all talks can be found here.


Michael Anton joins American Thought Leaders 3.11.20

At CPAC 2020, Michael Anton warns against excessive outsourcing of production to China.


Commemorating Michael Uhlmann 2.18.20

The James Wilson Institute hosted a panel discussion on the life and work of the late Claremont Senior Fellow Michael Uhlmann.


Ken Masugi joins Chicago’s Morning Answer 2.6.20

Senior Fellow Ken Masugi joins the Morning Answer to discuss the new documentary on Justice Thomas.