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Cutting Down a Flag Isn’t Hate, It’s Rebellion

Gay Pride Parade-People marching with a large Flag, Reykjavik, Iceland

More and more Americans are fed up with forced conformity.

A viral video from April 2021 is non-violent and non-graphic, yet it continues to stir up controversy. Two years later, it intermittently bubbles back up to generate a new round of fury depending on the current mood in the country.

The video depicts a student cutting down a Pride flag at Ridgeline High School in Utah’s Cache County School District. The lone male student is shown cutting the ties that hold the flag to a rail on the second floor above a commons area of the high school. Along the rail are hung all the official flags of countries and states from around the world. The Pride flag had been hung over the Puerto Rican flag.

Once the Pride flag is cut loose and drops gently to the floor, a crowd of students below erupts in cheers.

The incident led to immediate scandal in the school community and in the local media.

In a world where only a week after any mass shooting event, when the media has moved on to the next story, and we can’t even remember the names of the victims, short videos like this may live online for years. Why?

Framing That’s Designed to Inflame

The news media and critics framed this incident as one of hate, disrespect, and intolerance. The Left contends that such incidents are proof that animosity against minorities is everywhere. But perhaps this student’s action was not borne of hate but rebellion.

Americans, especially conservatives, tend to live and let live. For the most part, they feel what you do in your own life and in your own home is your business. So long as you don’t insist that they subscribe, they’re fine. But they have been under pressure for years to demonstrate subservience to the LGBTQ agenda.

The majority of Americans who don’t identify with the Pride flag have been forced to shut up, embrace it, and celebrate it. They’ve been forced to adopt bizarre language forms and behaviors that go against their personal beliefs, value systems, and reality itself.

A Symbol of Repression

Don’t want to get fired? Keep your mouth shut during Pride Week, and clap when you’re told to. Don’t want to fail that class? Write a paper on how men can get pregnant. Don’t want to get canceled online? Make sure to use the non-grammatical pronouns some narcissistic, confused man tells you to use when referring to him—even when he’s not around.

Don’t want to have your life ruined or end up in court? You’d better bake that cake for the same-sex wedding.

The Pride flag, which may have once stood for tolerance for alternative lifestyles, has now come to stand for the subjugation of average, everyday Americans who just want to be left alone to live in peace…and reality.

In Indiana, a teacher was forced to resign after he refused to use transgender students’ preferred names and pronouns, opting instead to stick to the truth. The courts backed the school district. Never mind only males can be boys, and only females can be girls. Yet school districts, the courts, and the media aggressively advance unscientific, societal lies.

Riley Gaines, a former NCAA elite swimmer at the University of Kentucky, is now better known for being one of the few female athletes to speak out against men competing against women in sports. Clearly, it’s not a life she planned for, but when she spoke up on the issue, she embraced her role as a voice for sanity.

That role was put to the test in April when she traveled to San Francisco State University to give a speech, and afterward, she was surrounded and harassed, and in one instance assaulted, by an out-of-control trans activist mob. Police had to escort her to a safe room, where she was essentially held captive for hours by the unrestrained crowd.

Targeting Children

The LGBTQ lobby wants you to know that if you don’t want your young child exposed to the discussion of matters of a sexual nature in schools, don’t try to outlaw such discussions. When Florida moved to pass legislation to forbid teachers from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with kids younger than third grade, the LGBTQ lobby was appalled.

They mischaracterized the common sense piece of legislation by branding it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Disney got in on the act, and outrage ensued because parents don’t want adult teachers talking to their young children about sexual matters.

A cornerstone issue of the trans movement is their shameless push to confuse young children’s sexuality through Drag Queen Story hours. Why do they need the children so badly? Why are parents, who are just trying to protect their children, portrayed as the bullies? And why are the invasive queens portrayed as the victims?

The common denominator is that everyday people have lost their ability to live as they want, raise their children as they want, and protect their kids. They’re tired. They’re fed up. And the more they’re pushed, the more angry they become.

So when they see a student take a pair of clippers and cut a Pride flag down, that taps a visceral sense of rebellion. They know it’s not an act of hate. They don’t hate the people that flag represents. But they are done with the non-stop onslaught of attacks and repression targeting them in the name of that flag. They know it’s time to take reality back.

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