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Bonsai Children

Futuristic cyborg growth

The caregiving industry has become a machine for mutilating youth.

With the publication of the Cass Report, a comprehensive review of the bases of evidence for transgender medical services in the UK, and the WPATH Files, leaked internal documents from the World Professional Association of Transgender Health, we now have confirmation of what I have been shouting from the Tiktoks for the past three years: Puberty blockers are no fountain of youth. Indeed, the doctors who cut healthy organs anyway revealed themselves to be fools chasing an impossible dragon down a road paved with the ruined bodies of thousands of girls and boys—mostly girls, in fact, as teen girls make up the majority of patients referred to such services in the UK and elsewhere.

“Puberty blockers” are a category of different drugs aimed at suppressing the function of a multi-organ system in the body, called the hypothalamic, pituitary, and gonadal axis (HPG-Axis). The hypothalamus and pituitary glands are located within, and are a component of, the brain, and the gonads refer to the ovaries and testicles. These substances may include gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor analogues or agonists (GNRH-A) or other drugs, such as medroxyprogesterone acetate, otherwise known as the widely-used contraceptive Depo Provera. These substances disrupt the normal, healthy functioning of the hypothalamus, resulting in cessation of the complex, layered, rhythmic production of a pulsatile dose of gonadotropin-releasing hormone.

As the name implies, GNRH, and other drugs that mimic its structure and function in the body, are hormones. A hormone is any compound that acts as a messenger in the body. Puberty blockers therefore do not offer, as is often alleged, a non-hormonal alternative to hormones. Puberty blockers are marketed as safe because they are used to delay puberty in cases of precocious puberty, and are often called a “pause button.” Biology is not a movie, however. There is dispute as to the long-term efficacy of puberty blockers, but even if they were entirely harmless when used to treat central precocious puberty, a puberty delayed from abnormally early to on-time, is still a puberty. A puberty denied and then mimicked, is not. The “puberty” offered to trans identifying minors is a mere facade, with only the tail-end of the HPG chain of causality induced through cross-sex hormone use.

This rhythmic signaling, varying by time of day, time of year, and age of the individual, among other factors, is supposed to signal the pituitary to make its own variety of hormones, such as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). FSH and LH travel throughout the body, carrying out little-understood developmental and maintenance functions known to be implicated in the development of neurodegenerative diseases, as well as regulating the function and therefore production of gonadal sex steroids such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.

There are many known risks of GNRH-A puberty blockers, specifically. One such risk is called pituitary apoplexy, which can result in pituitary death. This can occur from the first puberty blocker injection, and results in a typically irreversible loss of brain function from a form of stroke. Development of pituitary apoplexy is associated with the presence of pituitary adenomas, benign tumors which are often undiagnosed at the time of the fateful injection. An adenoma develops in the epithelial skin that covers all organs and glands. As was documented in the WPATH Files, other hormones given alongside puberty blockers can promote the development of adenomas in other organs with epithelial tissue, such as the liver. Although such tumors are benign, their growth can still cause medical problems. Space-occupying masses such as adenomas can apply pressure to surrounding tissue, resulting in healthy tissue death and subsequent loss of volume of functional tissue. In the case of apoplexy, a tumor can be vulnerable to sudden catastrophic bleeding.

The harms are not limited to potential side effects. Far from the “pause” button puberty blockers are aggressively marketed as on social media, the intended action of these drugs is to stunt and derange children’s development by systematically the complex, multiorgan, multi-hormone chain of causality known as the HPG-axis. The natural result of smothering development in the cradle of consciousness, the brain, is a lack of development and atrophy in the gonads themselves, as well as other tissues.

Jazz Jennings, the most famous victim of prepubescent medico-surgical gender intervention, suffered horrific complications after his penile-inversion vaginoplasty precisely because, as multiple doctors explained on I Am Jazz, the puberty blockers prevented his genitalia from developing into the proper size, leading to inadequate tissue for the “reassignment” penis inversion. This stunting is not uniform throughout all bodily tissues, but rather is more pronounced in tissues which were reliant on the proper exposure at the proper time to the various hormones reduced by suppression of the HPG-axis. A meta-analysis published in February 2024 which looked at 16 studies found no evidence that the neurodevelopmental effects of puberty suppression were fully reversible upon discontinuation.

In addition to the direct impact, the indirect impact of puberty blockers on maturation of tissues outside the HPG-axis has been known for some time. Puberty suppression has been used to delay bone maturation by disrupting the production of estrogen, a key hormone for bone mineralization and therefore growth plate fusion and the end of vertical growth, in both sexes. This allows the bones to grow larger than they otherwise would have, without the hormone necessary for proper mineralization. Done properly, this can result in slightly increased height with minimal risk. However, for many who have received this intervention, doctors have misjudged the velocity of growth against mineralization, leading the child into a wilderness filled with fractures, pain, and major complications such as a slipped femoral cap.

The femoral cap is the head of the femur, comprised of a portion of the ball which negotiates with the socket of the hip joint. If a child’s weight and other factors exceed a critical threshold, gravity will pull the femoral head apart, due to shearing forces. What is the solution for this? Surgeons will place a large screw through the femoral head, in an attempt to secure the two portions of the femoral head together and prevent further slippage. The screw stays in the child. Dysphoria cured!

Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding the lack of evidence for believing these interventions were more beneficial than harmful, and now that the harms have been laid bare for all to see, the concern must redirect to explaining how this mythology ever twisted the reins of secular policy. Given the participation of organizations such as the Eunuch Archives with WPATH standards of care, and the progressive expansionism of the concept of “gender identity” and what constitutes a “medical transition,” it has to be recognized that we did not arrive in this particular hell via Good Intentions Lane. Celebrity trans surgeon Dr. Marci Bowers was not making an innocent if off-color joke when he stated to Jazz Jennings—whom Bowers had personally surgically castrated when Jazz was just 17 years old—“You could be a porn star for all the photos we’ve taken of you.” Bowers said this in front of Jazz’s parents, who laughed along.

As Bowers has subsequently acknowledged publicly, Jazz’s complete lack of sexual function—reported as early as the first season of I Am Jazz—is the norm in puberty suppressed patients who are blocked at Tanner Stage 2. This iatrogenic asexuality persisted despite the fact that Jazz was subsequently dosed with estrogen. Per a clip with one of Jazz’s doctors, the treatment team completely suppressed his testosterone, even though healthy women have testosterone. They did briefly give him progesterone, but then reportedly stopped it due to psychiatric symptoms attributed to the progesterone. Nowhere in the wreckage of his childhood or general reports of gender-deforming hormone therapy have I encountered any attempt to replace follicle stimulating hormone or luteinizing hormone. That seems to be completely absent from trans “healthcare,” as though the only thing these hormones do in the body is mature the gonads. FSH and LH seem completely absent from all consideration despite the known links between dysregulation of these hormones and certain degenerative brain diseases.

There is no unringing the bell of puberty suppression, yet we are told not to ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for Jazz, and all the children like Jazz, whose bodies, including their brains, were sent through a chemical wringer, coming out the other side irrevocably misshapen. Just as cirrhosis results in an enlarged, poisoned, dysfunctional liver, the glands in the brain impacted by puberty blockers may also be unable properly to function ever again.

None of this was ever well-founded. None of this was ever safe. None of these doctors were reasoning from first principles when they decided to experiment on children to see how far from normalcy they could make them appear. Many of them were overtly motivated by a prurient interest, such as in creating so-called “eunuch gender” people via child castration, or in otherwise violating children’s minds and bodies—first with lies, then with knives. Others were motivated by some mixture of cowardice and avarice. The greatest failures came from the regulatory bodies tasked with preventing predictable practitioner impulses towards grandiosity and greed. Instead, medical associations, schools, and governments all collaborated for years to push the complete absurdity that it is normal and healthy, lifesaving even, to attempt to make a bonsai child.

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