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Abolish TSA 

TSA security checkpoint

Since we no longer have borders there is no need for safety theater.

Joe Biden has instituted one of the most successful on-the-job retraining programs in history. Thanks to his open-border policy, his border agents are now fully prepared to pursue successful post-government careers as Walmart greeters. 

According to reports attributed to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the U.S. Border Patrol captured and released roughly 200,000 illegal immigrants in September alone, up from 181,000 the previous month. These figures only represent the illegal immigrants the U.S. has actually caught; many others have seeped through America’s leaky southern border and into the country. 

If you accept the government’s conservative estimates, at the current pace, the Biden regime will have allowed a minimum of more than 2.3 million future Democrats into the U.S. over a 12-month span alone. 

Thanks to state and federal taxpayers, these illegal immigrants have been transported, clothed, and fed and have received free healthcare and accommodations at New York hotels, among other locales. To take advantage of many of these taxpayer-funded benefits, the regime plans to issue them ID cards.  

Have illegals been tested for Covid? Even at the height of the pandemic they were not. Were they expected to be vaccinated? While the federal government mandated that federal employees and armed service members be vaccinated, it gave illegal immigrants a pass

Have they been investigated, or even questioned, about their criminal histories? Hardly. As a result, an untold number of those who’ve crossed into the United States illegally are no doubt criminals in their own countries who’ve decided to see how the pickings are up north. Others are possibly members of foreign terrorist cells with the ability, the will, and perhaps the mission to strike American targets. 

With a Leadership Like This Who Needs Enemies? 

The Department of Homeland Security’s July 2023 Homeland Threat Assessment noted a “growing number of individuals” on the FBI’s watchlist trying to get into America. For fiscal year 2023, 160 illegal immigrants who were apprehended were matched to the FBI’s terrorist watchlist. This is up from 100 in 2022. But these numbers represent only those criminals and terrorists who were dumb or unskilled enough to get caught. 

Common sense should tell you that the number of illegal immigrants with criminal histories or terrorist ties, along with foreign spies, is likely to be significantly higher. The fact that border agents are expected to look the other way when large groups of illegal immigrants cross the border is just a bonus. 

How Big Is That Shampoo Bottle? 

Compare the border situation to that of your local airport TSA checkpoint. In addition to ensuring that you wait in unreasonably long lines, you are sure to be frisked, scanned, and non-verbally assaulted if you so much as look at Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents the wrong way. 

TSA screens over two million air travelers in the U.S. per day. That’s roughly 730 million per year. Before you even get to the checkpoint, you have to be able to show a photo ID if requested. To get that ID, you may have had to take a driving test, or a citizenship test, but at the very least, you have to have a permanent address and prove you are here legally. You need a photo ID to fly.  

You have to be deemed safe to be around other passengers, so if you exhibit signs of drunkenness, drug abuse, hostility, or pose any other risk or threat to other passengers, you are singled out and “de-planed.” If your luggage is the wrong size or that shampoo bottle looks threatening, sorry, it’s not coming.  

And this is for domestic travel. Entering the United States at an international airport entails much more scrutiny.  

Imagine if the southern border was handled the same way. 

Dream on. It’s not, and that’s by design. Any gang member, criminal, or terrorist incompetent enough to attempt to fly into the U.S. deserves what he or she gets. The smart terrorist, gang member, or foreign spy knows that the Biden regime has laid out the welcome mat on the border. Really, all you have to do is be able to walk in at this point. And the regime has given them every incentive to do so. 

So, what does this say about the relevancy of the TSA, CPB, ICE, and the rest of the alphabet soup of agencies supposedly protecting the “homeland?” 

The budget for border security, immigration, customs, and transportation safety for fiscal year 2024 is roughly $80 billion. Even by Ukraine-spending standards, that’s a lot of taxpayer money, all of which is basically wasted because of Biden’s open-border policies. From a national security perspective, the regime’s open-border policies have rendered moot the very need for border security and in effect are making a case for disbanding it altogether. 

That money could be better spent building four-star hotels in New York or San Francisco for the two million more illegal immigrants set to cross the border in the next year. And, of course, to retrain our ICE, CBP, and other DHS agents to say “Welcome to America!” in every foreign language. 

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