Audio 09.22.2020 10 minutes

Who are the Real Radicals? Michael Anton with Glenn Beck

The real radicals are hiding in plain sight.

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Claremont Institute Senior Fellow and former NSC Official Michael Anton speaks to Glenn Beck about his book, “The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return” and a tweet by Transition Integrity Project (TIP) founder, Nils Gilman, which explicitly calls for Anton to be executed by firing squad. Anton expresses concern in the wake of such a threat given the heated political climate and the threat being facilitated by a multibillion dollar company in Twitter. Beck, while talking about the TIP notes, “When somebody disagrees with you, you say they’re dangerous and they should be executed for it. That’s the definition of radical.”

Anton’s book, “The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return,” is available here.

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