Audio 10.21.2021 56 minutes

The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #91

The American Mind’s ‘Editorial Roundtable’ podcast is a weekly conversation with Ryan Williams, Matt Peterson, James Poulos, Seth Barron, and Spencer Klavan devoted to uncovering the ideas and principles that drive American political life. Stream here or download from your favorite podcast host.

Transhumanist Takeover | The Roudntable Ep. 91

As the US adopts wokeness as its grand strategy and promotes its first trans four-star admiral, China is embracing masculinity and testing a hypersonic missile that the US, according to military brass, cannot stop. Will reality ever set in and put an end to our desperate fantasies? Plus: Facebook’s most recent whistleblower is being funded by Pierre Omidyar. Our editors discuss the shadowy web of organizations seeking to deconstruct humanity.

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