Audio 12.23.2021 1 hour 9 minutes

The American Mind Podcast: The Roundtable Episode #100

The American Mind’s ‘Editorial Roundtable’ podcast is a weekly conversation with Ryan Williams, Matt Peterson, James Poulos, Seth Barron, and Spencer Klavan devoted to uncovering the ideas and principles that drive American political life. Stream here or download from your favorite podcast host.

Shut Up and Die | The Roundtable Ep. 100 

It’s the end of a long and frankly, a surreal year. After one hundred episodes of the Round Table, our editors look back on a cascade of demoralizing events and articles to ask: is there cause for optimism? Through all the inflation, the gender madness, and the school board wars, one theme emerges—the ruling class wants you feeling hopeless. But you’re not: the editors look ahead to a future of based local action in pursuit of virtue.

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