Audio 05.03.2021 1 hour 50 minutes

Special Edition: America in Decay: Hope or Despair?

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Special Edition: America in Decay: Hope or Despair?

In this special edition of The American Mind Podcast, Michael Anton, lecturer and research fellow at Hillsdale College, senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, and former Trump Administration national security official, is joined by Charles Haywood, who runs The Worthy House and is a distinguished book reviewer. The two discuss the future of a country in crisis, touching on a wide array of topics in the process—from questions of political philosophy both contemporary and ancient, to the balance between hope and despair at the decay of the American regime.

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“The Reichstag is Still Burning”: Harry Jaffa’s Prophetic Farewell to Higher Education

This week's feature is based on the following essay (downloadable as a PDF) written by Professor Harry V. Jaffa in 1989, which served as his farewell address to full-time faculty status at Claremont McKenna College. It remains an illuminating and prophetic statement in response to political correctness and the decay of higher education in contemporary America. The newly published book of his writings from which it is taken can be purchased at the link below.

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