OK, Senator

Amy Coney Barrett puts the nail in the coffin of TV politics.

Judge Amy Barrett is 48 years old. Much has been made of that fact’s implications for how long she might serve on the Supreme Court of the United States. But there are also other ways her relative youth showed up in the confirmation hearings. One of the most important was her absolutely minimal participation in…


History, Like Black Lives, Matters

We must remember no life is fodder for revolutionary compliance.

Let me be very clear up front. My intention in bringing up historical parallels in the following article is not to gain election-year political points in name-calling. Instead, I want to focus our attention on some of the worst totalitarian atrocities in human history to suggest we are closer than we care to admit to…


NeverTrump and November

No matter who wins—they lose.

The clock is running out on NeverTrump, the wee coalition of alleged “conservatives” who for the past five years have dedicated their time, energy, and Twitter accounts to the annihilation of Donald Trump and everyone around him. Despite their best efforts, with help from a similarly vengeful and vindictive Democratic Party, NeverTrump so far has…


Social-ist Media

Biden’s digital lackeys threaten to turn out the lights on our republic.

Socialist regimes typically don’t excel at good government or economic stewardship, but they do tend to be experts at one thing—propaganda. Under regimes like the Soviet Union and countless other socialist monstrosities, citizens may not have been able to buy bread without waiting an entire day in line, but they could easily access a galaxy…


The Audacity Of Amy

They hate her ‘cause they ain’t her.

All Hail Justice Barrett! Here she is: Mrs. America. Amy Coney Barrett rode into D.C. a few weeks ago like a Valkyrie galloping forth to vanquish foes in her Honda Odyssey minivan. Impervious to the slings and arrows of sputtering Democrats, immune to the dastardly virus someone snuck into her Rose Garden event, she smiled,…


An Open Letter on Campus Culture

Academics speak out against the threat of censorship.

The dangers of ideological groupthink in our colleges and universities have been evident for decades. It was over 30 years ago now that Allan Bloom diagnosed the pathology in The Closing of the American Mind. But as the campus Left becomes increasingly empowered, radicalized, and intolerant of other perspectives, it seemed to me that dissident thinkers…


The Black Trump Vote

Why African Americans should be very, very mad at the Democratic Party

Polls show Trump’s support among Black Americans (and Hispanics) is rising. This suggests that black Americans are in fact angry at being coopted for Democrat Party causes, even while they are intimidated into silence by the cancel-culture tactics of the Left. Several other interesting indicators of anger: Kim Klacik, Candace Owens, Kanye West, Sharika Soal,…


Coup Who?

Scaremongering Democrats protest too much.

In August, two retired military officers published a piece in Defense One which literally encouraged America’s top military leadership to have the 82nd airborne to descend on Washington in the event of a disputed election and escort President Trump out of office. “In the Constitutional crisis described above, your duty is to give unambiguous orders…


“Don’t Let It Dominate Your Life”

On Trump and the virus.

President Trump was discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center a few days ago. His messaging during this unfolding drama first drew criticism from those who claimed he should have been more transparent about every detail, every step of the way. And the usual venomous bile and frenzied attacks came spewing from the the cackle of…


The Truth About America

Trump is right: only patriotic American history can heal our deep wounds.

This week we reprinted a series of speeches given at the White House Conference on American History. As we noted, the conference was the first of its kind. On the one hand, it’s remarkable no one in power ever thought to host such a thing. On the other, it’s possible no one has ever needed…


“Jesus is Lord”

The basis of our shared humanity is now up for debate.

“Jesus is Lord” is trending today on Twitter. That means lots of people are saying it. People of all races are saying it. People from various Christian denominations are saying it. Republicans and Democrats are saying it. This is one of those occasional bright spots on the ravaged horizon of our war-torn digital world: sometimes…


No Coup For You

Democrats are preparing to win by any means necessary. What’s the Right going to do about it?

Michael Anton’s warning about the upcoming election, “The Coming Coup,” continues to roil the public square. Will Republican leaders do their best to prepare for the crisis of legitimacy—caused purposefully by Democrat Party changes to our normal voting procedures—that now almost surely awaits us for weeks after November 3? We hope so. But note well:…


From Death Threats to Lies

TIP’s caught-out coupsters epitomize ruling-class values.

I must have hit a nerve. First Nils Gilman’s death threat, then a libelous attack in the Financial Times, in-house newsletter of the globalist ruling glass. A little background: Earlier this month, I published an article entitled “The Coming Coup?” in which I wondered aloud what the Democrats are up to with all their talk…


Bring Free Speech Back to Social Media—Now

A fact-check solution to a constitutional crisis.

The war between conservatives and Silicon Valley is on. The scions of social media are no longer hiding their disdain for an entire movement. They know the outcome of this high-stakes presidential election could jeopardize their rule over the American people and unmake the oligarchy they’ve built with the rest of the ruling class. If…


The Crisis of Education

We need concrete action to relearn the American way of life.

Our current American crisis has many dimensions. It is useful to remind ourselves of them, even if some are more important than others. We are beset by distorted education about our basic principles and by elites who undermine these principles; by the weakening of religion and the family, and the moral education they provide; by…


The Riot Party Comes for the Court

If they can’t have their way, they want to burn it down.

We now have a Supreme Court vacancy, and President Trump and Senate Republicans are moving to fill it before the 117th Congress begins. According to the White House, we’ll learn the nominee’s name Saturday. But whomever is chosen, we know they will apply the law and interpret the Constitution as written. The Left is apoplectic,…


Dear Berggruen Institute: Renounce Death Threats Now

A letter from Claremont Institute President Ryan Williams to Nicolas Berggruen and Nathan Gardels of the Berggruen Institute

September 22, 2020 Nicolas Berggruen Chairman and Founder Nathan Gardels Co-Founder + Editor-in-Chief of Noema Magazine Berggruen Institute Bradbury Building 304 S. Broadway, Suite 500 Los Angeles, CA 90013 Dear Mr. Berggruen and Mr. Gardels: As you may by now be aware, on Monday, September 21, 2020, your employee, Nils Gilman, tweeted what is tantamount…


The Soros Cover-Up

Americans can’t let Twitter noise overwhelm political reality.

I have been watching a truly curious phenomenon over the past few days. It seems there is suddenly a movement in media to silence anyone who speaks out against George Soros—and, specifically, his funding of radical prosecutors seeking to change the criminal justice system by simply ignoring certain crimes. This happened to me personally this…


Get Hume out of Edinburgh University

Don’t Soil the Great Thinker by Associating him with a Corrupt University

A place calling itself the University of Edinburgh has decided to remove the name of David Hume, the great Scottish philosopher, from the tallest building on its campus.  The announcement comes from its Equality & Diversity Committee and its Race Equality and Anti-Racist Sub-committee.  Hume, it seems, has committed sins against anti-racism (as attested to…


Biden’s Thought Police

The ruling class is desperate to keep the truth under wraps this November.

The American mind is disorientated. It is in the midst of a regime crisis and the most contentious election in living memory. Which means precisely now is the time when the republican form of government, if it is to survive, requires free political speech directed at the most controversial issues threatening to tear our country…


They’re Not Gonna Stop

The deal with the devil is made. Kamala Harris is determined to see it through.

Everyone beware because they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop before election day in November, and they’re not going to stop after election day. And everyone should take note of that…they’re not going to let up—and they should not. And we should not. — Kamala Harris It would seem that Kamala Harris and Joe…


Why Won’t Biden go on Rogan?

The American people should demand an answer.

The American form of government requires that citizens choose representatives to govern them. To do so, voters must have some way of evaluating those who seek their vote. Without knowing them personally, one of the best ways to get to “know” a candidate is by watching them communicate over a period of time that lasts…


Stop the Coup

It’s time to unmask the Revolution.

Michael Anton’s new article “The Coming Coup?” went viral almost as soon as we posted it a week ago today. This is not simply because figures like Lara Logan, Mollie Hemingway, Newt Gingrich, Dan Bongino, and the editors of the New York Post took note. It spread because concerned citizens began sharing it throughout the…


Reclaiming the American University

an invitation to noncompliance.

A few weeks ago, I learned I was blackballed by the major journal in my academic field, Rhetoric Society Quarterly. I have both published in, and served as a peer reviewer for, this journal in the past. I learned I was censored through a curt email exchange with the editor (Dr. Jacqueline Rhodes) after she…


Disney, China, & the Ruling Class vs. America

Our elite power brokers have chosen the CCP over us.

If you’re willing to shell out 30 bucks at the behest of your kids, you can stream Disney’s remake of Mulan, its military fantasy based on a Chinese folk legend. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that it might offer a few hours of entertainment in which you can avoid dwelling on America’s current…


What are the Stakes?

This is not a drill.

For some time now, we editors of The American Mind have been writing and speaking a great deal about “the stakes” when discussing the November elections. This shorthand is adapted from the title of a new book by our friend and colleague, Michael Anton, where he argues—and there is no gentle way to put this—that…


Biden’s Laughable Pivot

Joe’s sudden attempt to play cop is pitifully transparent.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has sat silent while roving bands of outlaws tore American cities to shreds. He said nothing when an Antifa leader in Portland called for “the abolition of the United States as we know it.” His own vice-presidential pick, Kamala Harris, grinned as she warned that the riots are “not gonna…


What Trump Should Say in Kenosha

Time to set the record straight.

In an even more pathetic tone than usual, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has told Trump that he shouldn’t come visit in the wake of the Kenosha riots. This is a sign that that Trump absolutely should visit, as he intends to do. Whenever our ruling classes directly oppose Trump to make him look like the bad…



Something smells like victory.

This is part four of Peachy Keenan’s nightly RNC coverage. Read part one here, part two here, and part three here.—Eds. Bang Zoom to the Moon! You can’t always get what you want, America. But sometimes you get what you need, like Night 4 of the RNC convention. Trump, stuck at home due to coronavirus…


Rittenhouse and the White House

The Left is losing the argument, so they want to burn it down.

Kyle Rittenhouse, age 17, has been charged with first-degree homicide after he shot three people during the riots ravaging Kenosha, WI. Kyle lives 30 minutes away in neighboring Illinois. He took his rifle to the scene of the violence to help defend small business owners. “People are getting injured,” he told the Daily Caller that…


Save America from Communism

Our proud nation and history deserve better.

In the 1980s I traveled to the Soviet Union as part of a junior high school soccer program. Decades have passed since the trip, but the memories remain. Shelves were barren. Citizens drank from communal water fountains. The items most in demand, and hardest to find, were American: blue jeans and bubble gum. Of course,…




This is part three of Peachy Keenan’s nightly RNC coverage. Read part one here and part two here.—Eds. Storm Surge Another night, another round of future president auditions! Night 3 of the RNC attempted to do the impossible: soften Trump in the eyes of suburban white women still mad about his tweets or something. First of…


The Democrat Party’s Riots

They’re getting what they asked for—good and hard.

CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon have the collective brain capacity of rising third graders. OK, fair point—there’s no reason for me to insult our children like that. But the one upside of the tumbleweeds blowing through their minds is that sometimes what the Left is really thinking accidentally rolls out of their mouths….



Life, liberty, and spine.

This is part two of Peachy Keenan’s nightly RNC coverage. Read part one here.—Eds. Liberal Extinction Event On Monday night, the local white supremacists were so fired up by Night 1 of the RNC that they tore down a {checks notes} dinosaur statue in front of the Kenosha Paleontology Museum. Apparently Dilophosaurus was an unrepentant…


Biden Doesn’t Need Woke Help to Destroy America

He himself is perfectly capable of unmaking our regime.

People of good will are making a mistake if they think that the regime crisis America is now experiencing will be exacerbated not by a Joe Biden presidency, but whomever rules in his place. It is not just the radicals he will bring along with him who oppose and misrepresent America in principle. In the…


Against the Blackpill

The good guys built this country. The good guys can take it back.

If there’s one thing conservatives are good at doing, it’s describing problems. And there are so very many of them now to describe. It’s an erudite doomsayer’s delight—and today, the Right is stuffed to the gills with explainers telling us why Trump is losing, why the culture war is forfeit, even why America is fundamentally…


Kill the Hydra

Big Biz, Big Tech, & Higher Ed are not your friends.

Republicans might be tempted to play it safe this week with their convention, especially after the Democratic debacle last week. But that reflexive risk aversion—indeed, that conservatism—is ill-suited for the many-headed crisis America currently faces. We don’t need politicians right now. We need champions who will do what it takes to kill the Hydra. In…



The Fellowship of the Right Wing.

This is part one of Peachy Keenan’s nightly RNC coverage. Read part two here.—Eds. Cue Pete Buttigieg’s campaign theme song: I had hiiiiiigh hopes for Night 1 of the Republican Convention. Four days spent wallowing in the fetid swamp of last week’s Democrat Convention was like going on a weeklong Augustus Gloop sugar binge. I was…


Free the Face—Attack the Mask

The RNC must speak out loud and clear against the COVID coup.

“I would shut [the country] down. I would listen to the scientists.” This is Joe Biden’s Coronavirus policy. If the “experts” say we need another national lockdown, he will implement one by fiat, no questions asked. This position spells abject ruin for the country. Now that Joe Biden has fashioned himself into the candidate of slavish…


Racial Piety Short-Circuits the Ivy Leagues

Yale is caught between what it should practice and what it must preach.

The federal lawsuits against Yale and Harvard are, in our opinion, long overdue but extremely significant. They are a good start towards revealing—and correcting—the Left’s increasingly tyrannical hegemony over American educational institutions. The notion of “disparate impact,” or the idea that any inequality between identity groups must result from bigoted discrimination, is driving much of our present…


Riots are Coming to a City Near You

Wisconsin will be the new normal unless the Right puts its foot down.

Events in Kenosha, Wisconsin this week highlight the importance of our note Friday to the GOP convention: “Call out the Left and the Democratic Party for what they’ve inspired by falsely sanctifying the riots: a revolutionary insurrection against the American Way of Life. Show the American people specific examples.” Another tragic but incomplete video—this time…


Clone World

Send out the clowns.

Clown world became hell sooner than you expected. Punctuated by vignettes of street violence, each day bleeds into the next. Most days, you don’t see other people in the flesh. “No contact” delivery ensures seamless individuated consumption. Various platforms offer their condolences. In these trying times, Postmates is here for you. 25% of designer face…


To War, GOP

Some last-minute advice for the convention.

This is the first in a series of editors’ notes which we will publish three times a week in the lead-up to this historic election.—Eds. Dear Republicans, Here is some last-minute advice on themes you need to drive home during the convention. We suspect that you’re in danger of kicking off what will (charitably) be…


DNC: Zooming Toward Gomorrah

Notes from the convention that wasn’t.

Is it over? Can I turn it off now? Yes, I watched the four-day DNC Convention. Let me rephrase that: I survived it. I was wondering how Democrats could possibly address the awkward situation they find themselves in. The extreme far Left has captured their party. The results are already apparent every night in the…


The Woke Hand Up Sleepy Joe

Joe Biden accepts his party’s euthanization.

Tuesday night Joe Biden was confirmed as the Democratic presidential nominee. First there was a virtual roll call conducted from historical and civil rights landmarks around the country, places of personal significance to Biden, and a Vermont park featuring a masked and quite begrudging Bernie Sanders. Then the master of ceremonies, Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson,…


To Save America, Reclaim Civics

Shape your soul and the country will follow.

After a summer of protests and riots, it seems that partisan divisions don’t run neatly along the lines of particular policy issues: instead, we are split on the meaning of patriotism itself. For that reason, it’s likely that K-12 civics classrooms will be added to the list of flashpoints for cultural conflict. It will be…


The Monuments of Our Republic

As the statues go, so goes the citizenry

Since May of this year, over 290 monuments have been destroyed, defaced, or removed from America’s increasingly vacant public spaces. Considerable ink has been “spilled” over the diseased political psychology behind these attacks on some of America’s most enduring “bodies.” Very little, however, has been written to remind us why public monuments matter to our…


Antifa: National Security Threat

Remarks before the Senate Judiciary Committee by Kyle Shideler.

What follows is a transcript of remarks made by Kyle Shideler, director and senior analyst for homeland security and counterterrorism at the Center for Security Policy, before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution.—Eds. It is a great honor to testify today before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution. The federal government…


How to Un-Demoralize Yourself

You have what it takes to turn life’s challenges into fuel for your future.

“Our lives are pretty much the same,” said my friend Paul with a hint of pride. We were catching up by phone. I had asked him how he was doing during the lockdowns. Paul lives out west with his family. They live on a homestead on the eastern edge of the Cascades, grow food in…


How Politics Has Shaped Public Policy During Coronavirus

A look at the data

Everyone likes paying homage to “science,” deferring to it as the ultimate authority. The problem is that “science” is often more of an “art.” You frequently can find a “study” to support a point of view—regardless of how crazy it might seem. This phenomenon interests me as a computational social scientist and strategist. In a…


What Sean Wilentz Gets Wrong About Sen. Tom Cotton and the American Founding

Princeton historian Sean Wilentz recently criticized Sen. Tom Cotton for claiming that the American founders considered slavery “the necessary evil upon which the union was built.” Wilentz thought it suggested that Americans needed slavery in order to create the United States. Sen. Cotton also said that “the union was built in a way, as Lincoln…


They’re Coming for Your Head

BLM and Antifa won't stop unless we stop them.

Pliny the Younger was a gentleman of means and standing. He ascended the ranks of high Imperial Roman society, climbing from one magistracy to the next under the favorable auspices of Emperor Trajan. Pliny was a careerist. He did everything right. In 100 AD, Pliny delivered a speech praising Trajan in the Senate, a Panegyricus….


The Old Left Has Lost the Will to Live

Empty gestures won’t stop the march of the woke radicals.

Liberals are right at the cusp of a Great Awokening—but they won’t take the plunge. Many of them are alarmed about the rise of despotic illiberalism on the Left, and some of them are even speaking out publicly against the Woke Mob. But as long as they are afraid of being labeled “scary conservatives,” they’ll…


The Institutional Racism of the Democratic Party

It's the most persistent hate group in human history.

There is an institutional racism problem in the United States. The institution is the Democrat Party. No, there was no cross-partisan, musical chairs switcheroo in the late ’60s. Of the racist “Dixiecrats” who did leave, all but three rejoined the Democrat Party; not until the ’80s did more white Southerners join the GOP, and not…


Exclusive: Rep Jim Banks on the Portland Riots

Why can’t Democrat leaders see what we all see?

There have been non-stop riots in Portland for 60 days. The media still calls them “George Floyd protests,” but if you actually ask the protesters, they’ll give you unrelated answers. Some say they’re fighting against homelessness, some are fighting for immigrant rights. Others say they’re fighting “systemic racism.” Still others want Medicare for All, defunding…


The Wages of Relativism

Not all speech is created equal.

America is burning. Peaceful protests against police abuse have been marred by the presence of looters and rioters. Most people want to distance themselves from team riot—but everyone has a different theory about who these people are. Some say the primary instigators are Antifa, others say white supremacists. Likely both elements are attacking the social…


Narratives 1, Conservatives 0

The high cost of losing postmodern America’s political language games.

If we are to listen to Jordan Peterson, Postmodernism is truly a dirty word, especially for the Right. At the same time, if I am to listen to today’s academics, postmodernism is ridiculously passé: it’s been dead since the ‘90s, boomer. Now, I happen to quite dislike the nihilism of postmodernity, but if conservatives want…


Armageddon Now

Unless all lives matter, none does.

Is the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement Marxist? Its leadership says that it is. And it certainly has infused new energy into the International Marxist Tendency (IMT), which triumphantly posted on its website, “[c]omrades of the IMT have taken part in demonstrations in countries such as: the USA, Canada, Britain, Belgium, Mexico, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark,…


Scamocracy in America

How a fraudulent ruling class plundered our most precious inheritance.

Over the past fifty years the rules of public and even of private life in America have well-nigh reversed, along with the meaning of common words, e.g. marriage, merit, and equality. Social inequality, even more than economic, has increased as personal safety and freedom have plummeted. People are subject to arbitrary power as never before….


Fight First, Club Later

An open letter to aspiring Chads.

I read Hugo Thomas’s article “Corona and the Crown” in these pages and shared it with my friends. Rarely have I simultaneously found something so descriptively right and prescriptively wrong. Thomas is right that our moment exposes the need for masculine virtue and the opportunity to exert masculine gifts in a constructive way. But he…


Buy Guns and Ammo

You can’t count on the state for your security.

Recently I have noticed an interesting new trend taking shape on my phone. More and more, my liberal friends are texting me with concern for their safety, wondering how to buy a gun. A friend in NYC was recently threatened with violence—he’s gone from being passionately anti-gun to being dead-set on buying a firearm. But…


Franklin’s Admonition

Can we keep it?

This post was originally published on realclearpolitics.com. “A republic, if you can keep it.” That was Ben Franklin’s famous response when asked, as the Constitutional Convention ended in 1787, what sort of government the delegates had crafted. Time was, I thought Franklin’s answer droll. But as July 4, 2020, comes into view, I wonder. A republic…


Has the Church Given Up on this World?

It’s leftists, not Christians, who should be accused of fatalism.

Taking aim at Evangelical Christians in a Washington Post op-ed, Dr. Gary Abernathy blamed Republicans’ general desire to reopen the economy on their faith in a heavenly afterlife. This belief evidently causes Christians to stubbornly resist the wisdom of progressives who want to continue the lockdown. In support of this view, Abernathy quotes Jesus and…


Libertarians are Underpants Gnomes

It’s time for conservatives to abandon fusionist organizations.

America’s history is under attack from low-testosterone jihadis trained by our own universities and supported by our own corporations. They are incapable of building. They do nothing but tear down. They want to see everything that the average American took pride in just a few years ago expunged from the historical record. They are the…


Exodus from the Zone

I will arise and go now.

I tried to buy a pistol in Twin Falls. He wouldn’t sell me the pistol, but I could buy a shotgun or a rifle. He didn’t know the gun laws in “those liberal states” I would be driving through. Better to not risk it at the beginning of the trip, but on the way back…


What We Celebrate on the Fourth

Recovering the world-changing triumph of America.

This post was originally published on realclearpolitics.com. “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” We have heard these words all our lives. But can we still hear the dynamite in them? According to tradition, when the British under…


What Does Our Nation Mean to Us?

Rejecting the culture of hate.

This post was originally published on realclearpolitics.com. As we approach this Fourth of July, the United States is consumed by reckless violence, nihilistic silencing, and a systematic assault on the nation’s cultural and political patrimony. The voices of sanity are few, and civic courage is in short supply. The exemplars of such courage in the…


The Revolutionary Elite Eats Their Own

This isn’t a proletarian revolution. This is a generational fight within our ruling elite class.

Let’s quit pretending that the riots which swept the country this June, and the ongoing mob assault on statues of our natural heroes, have anything to do with George Floyd or even race. The chaos in our streets is emblematic of something much deeper happening in our society. America is clearly undergoing an existential struggle….


Triumph of the Oligarchs

A new class of overlords are making their bid for world domination.

The coronavirus has trammeled the prospects of most Americans, particularly low-income workers. But for one small group, the pandemic has proved something like manna from heaven. Already ascendant beforehand, the tech oligarchy—a relatively small number of companies, venture, and private equity funds—are riding the current crisis to unprecedented dominion over our ever-weakening Republic. To be…


A Future Without Beauty

A vengeful quest for social purity ends only in public ugliness.

After statues of St. Junipero Serra, Francis Scott Key, and President Ulysses S. Grant were toppled in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, a friend called the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) to learn the fate of the statues. A representative from SFAC informed her that the toppled statues were being kept in a secure location,…


Ideas Don’t Have Consequences

Why conservatives keep losing.

Ideas Have Consequences, a book by Richard Weaver, has animated countless conservative intellectuals and professionals for over half a century. What a pity, then, that the book’s title expresses but a half-truth at best. Still worse: the missing half is by far the more important one. Conservatives of all stripes need to take a sober-minded…


Exclusive: Rep. Jim Banks on the dangerous falsehoods of the NYT’s ‘1619 Project’

Have you turned on the news, seen organized groups pulling down statues—not of Confederate soldiers, but of our Founding Fathers or other presidents—and found yourself wondering what’s going on? My wife Amanda and I have watched with disgust as memorials to our country’s great heritage are attacked and vandalized. Our three girls are watching too….


Sen. Rubio remarks on civil society and race

After Mr. Floyd’s horrific murder at the hands of a man sworn to uphold the law, our nation has seen justified anger. As I said here two weeks ago, it is a moment that calls for not just “police reform”; it calls for a full reckoning with racial inequities that still plague our nation. There…


Make Mine Thermidor

What woke lobster can escape their revolution’s boiling pot?

For the counter-revolutionary, there is a grim satisfaction in the Thermidorian Reaction. Weeks after celebrating his fabricated Cult of the Supreme Being, after thousands of summary executions, French revolutionary Maximilien Robespierre and his radicals are themselves guillotined in the sultry revolutionary month of Thermidor (late July 1794), in the very place where they had decapitated…


Stand Up, Republicans

According to recent polls, 65% of all Americans now support Black Lives Matter (BLM). Why do so many Americans support an “organization” that is avowedly dedicated to the proposition that America is evil and must be fundamentally transformed? Because the Republican establishment has made remarkably little effort to expose BLM as the revolutionary and totalitarian…


Undoing the Court’s Supreme Transgression

Bostock demands a complete change of course from neutered judicial “conservatism.”

On Tuesday, Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) took to the floor of the United States Senate to declare “the end of the conservative legal movement, or the conservative legal project, as we know it.” In responding to Monday’s unfortunate Title VII Supreme Court ruling, which erroneously read both sexual orientation and so-called transgenderism into our most hallowed…


Married to the Mob

Romanticizing direct democracy leads to pandemic anarchy.

In times of upheaval and uncertainty, there is an understandable instinct to reach for and defend the familiar—to check up on friends, take stock of enemies, and graft old patterns onto new problems. Even before the coronavirus, rising tensions with China had primed pundits to view the world as a contest between liberal democracies and…


What’s Up With the Supreme Court?

I am no longer a practicing attorney. Frankly, I hated being a lawyer. There were these things called clients and inevitably they were annoying people with easy to solve problems who hated other people so much they refused to do the practical and right thing in favor of being a pain in the butt. Nonetheless,…


China is on the Ballot in 2020

American voters will decide if the PRC wins.

In early May, President Donald Trump ordered a federal retirement fund to scrap its plans to shift several billion dollars’ worth of U.S. government employee savings into Chinese stocks. The administration is now planning a broader review of China’s unfair and potentially dangerous usage of American capital markets. This is about far more than mundane…


Okay, So You’ve Abolished the Police

Now what?

The Black Lives Matters organization, reinforced by their Antifa allies, has now declared that the abolition of the police is chief among their demands. This has led to a round of questions—and some mockery. But shortly after the demand was issued, the City Council of Minneapolis began efforts to sever its relationship with the Minneapolis…


It’s America or Bust

This side of heaven, there is only one remedy for tribalism.

In a clip that has now gone viral, Nikole Hannah-Jones (architect of the New York Times’s 1619 Project) told CBS that although rioters are destroying private property across the country, their actions are not violent. “Violence is when an agent of the state kneels on a man’s neck until all of the life is leached…


The Soul of ’76

In 2020, it's equality versus chaos.

This post is the fifth in a series by Christopher Flannery, host of The American Story podcast, on America’s identity and founding ideals and their implications for 2020. Here are the first, second, third, and fourth installments.—Eds. I wrote a few words the other day about the nationwide riots we are experiencing, and I referred to a Claremont Institute Statement arguing that there are two pretexts for…


Quiet Riot

Among the silent majority.

A belated congratulations to those of you who had “Global Race War” on your 2020 Bingo card! I was almost finished with a clutch of new pieces for this esteemed publication when Civil War 2: Eclectic Boogaloo broke out, rendering my musings instantly obsolete. Pandemics and lockdowns, R naughts and CFRs: all mere fragments from…


The 1619 Riots

Our elites seek a new nation conceived in violence.

This post is the fourth in a series by Christopher Flannery, host of The American Story podcast, on America’s identity and founding ideals and their implications for 2020. Here are the first, second, and third installments.—Eds. Back in October, 2019, when all of us lived in a different world, I wrote what I called an “American Meditation,” the occasion…


America is Not Racist

A Statement from the Claremont Institute

The pretext for this entire nationwide riot is that America is a racist country. That is not true. America is not a racist country. America is a country that has strived, imperfectly but passionately, to live up to its founding promise that all men are created equal. There is not—and will never be—a greater barrier…


The Enemy of the People

Don't believe your lying eyes.

“If they thought the news networks were going to cover what happened they were kidding themselves, I said to myself. No more today than yesterday…the blackout was total.” It was either providence or something in the air that led me to start reading Michel Houellebecq’s Submission (2015) for the first time last week. Barely had…


Natural Right Is Not a Narrative

As Harry Jaffa taught, political philosophy and justice are real.

Kenneth Kersch’s political universe is comprised of competing narratives and stories—“fighting faiths” as it were. His Conservatives and the Constitution (2019) follows the development of conservative narratives and stories since the second half of the 20th century when conservatives decided to make the Constitution and the founding their “fighting faith.” Although Kersch attempts to maintain an academic…


Mask Charade

In real life, trade-offs abound.

Vice President Pence was criticized recently for not wearing a mask while touring a hospital. His explanation, that he wanted to “look these incredible healthcare workers in the eye and say thank you,” was mocked as “fragile masculinity.” Masks have become essential in our covid-infected age. For those of us who cannot be on the…


On Alexander Dugin

Leo Strauss and Russian Heideggerianism.

In order to understand what is now happening globally, serious scholars must investigate what thinkers like Alexander Dugin are saying. Unless we drag into the light what is increasingly said in the shadows, we will be incapable of critical examination. That this responsibility is not an endorsement of Dugin’s thought should go without saying, but…


Sacred Cows

What I saw at the American Academy of Religion.

Finding the right metaphor is difficult. The leadership of AAR/SBL is fiddling? Naked? On a deck chair sinking into the cold North Sea? And the fiddle is on fire… Let me explain. The AAR/SBL is the annual joint conference of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature. Just about everyone who…


Blue City Lockdowns Obscure COVID’s Root Causes

We can be far more efficient in our fight against pandemics.

It will be months, likely years, before we understand how COVID-19 has reshaped our communities. Yet there is enough data, based on just the last three months, to get some notion of what areas and populations are most vulnerable. The patterns are in many ways fairly clear. Media outlets, particularly those based in New York,…


Catholicism, Textualism, and Republicanism

Catholics can—and should—support both.

As the philosopher says (Rhet. I, 1), “it is better that all things be regulated by law, than left to be decided by judges.”                         –Thomas Aquinas Originalism: the Common-Good, Catholic, Conservative Jurisprudence In a recent article called “Vermeule, His Critics, and the Crisis…


We Need New Institutions, Not Arguments

In a time of intellectual Babel, words fail.

In my response to Adrian Vermeule this week, I wrote the following somewhat bleak assessment of our public discourse: We live in a time of intellectual Babel, in want of the shared premises, definitions, history, and intellectual formation by which to engage publicly and profitably in such discussion. The result is suspicion, confusion, division—among the…


Liberate Harvard

How to free America’s elite universities from special interests.

America’s elite private universities are some of its strangest institutions. Though ostensibly charities, they accumulate massive endowments that they are unwilling to spend down. Princeton University, my alma mater, is a classic example. Like its peers, Princeton spends about 5% of its endowment each year—enough to fund much of its budget while also ensuring that…


A Burst of Light

The coming great awakening.

As the majority of us stay home, working with spouses, roommates, and children nearby, our impatience with the supposed new “normal” increases—and rightly so. But we must take heart. America will emerge from this seeming tomb into the bright light of a classic American summer. I’m sure of this because of what my grandpa taught me….


To Hell with Main Street?

It’s time to reassert the authority of we the people.

In times of trouble, Americans rally around a common cause. After Pearl Harbor, we liberated much of the world; during the Cold War, we sent a man to the moon. There was a shared sensibility that Americans were unified in pursuit of the highest ideals. But after some shocks, this sense of unity proves short-lived—and…


The Chinese Art of War

The American people deserve honesty about who is at fault for the virus disaster.

On January 28th, at a meeting of the World Health Organization, Xi Jinping said “the virus is a demon and we cannot let that demon hide.” An interesting turn of phrase for, as a matter of high government policy, the demon was driven from the shadows of a lab in Wuhan, China, and made to…



It’s Coming.

I spent yesterday crying at Whole Foods, my helpless tears filling my ski goggles (won’t be skiing any time soon) and rolling down the sides of my p100 mask. The country I grew up thinking was so majestic, so impervious to damage, has become an empty, post-apocalyptic husk of itself. Chinese bat AIDS may not…