It won’t be pretty.

This election season is proving apocalyptic in the true sense of the word. An “apocalypse” (from the Greek apokaluptein, meaning “to reveal”) is simply a “revelation”—hence the biblical book by that name. When the apocalypse comes, the lights go on backstage and you see what was really happening all along.

You can tell we’re in a political apocalypse right now because of how our ruling classes—the pundits, stuffed shirts, and establishment political operatives on both sides—are behaving. Up until recently, they routinely obtained their status and livelihoods from putting on the increasingly burlesque show which has been American political life for the past several decades. The hour is now too late, and the digital age has proven too revelatory, for them to keep up the show any longer. The logic of the revolutionary ideology they have latched onto is making the true implications of its premises known.

Some are true believers who hold these views with real malice towards the “deplorables.” Others are more pragmatic, adopting woke ideology out of an increasingly desperate desire to hold onto their wealth and power. Some, especially on the “moderate” Right, are simply cowards who seek to avoid offending the mores and manners of the ruling class. Either way, they all look like robots short-circuiting: a sputtering, wheezing elite is finding it ever more impossible not to belch the quiet part out loud.

The apogee of this phenomenon is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, both of whom have blurted out this week that their prospective tenure in the White House will be a “Harris-Biden Administration” or, in Kamala’s more blunt formulation, a “Harris Administration.” What’s amusing about this obviously Freudian slip is that it describes what we all know is on the table if the Democrats win. Of course, that’s also what’s blood-curdlingly terrifying about it.

Biden is deteriorating. There’s just no kind or delicate way around this point, although of course we don’t relish the man’s decline or take the suffering of old age lightly. Had Biden been left at home to watch the twilight of his years descend with dignity, we would wish him only the best. As it is, however, the Democrats have forced us to state the obvious by running a campaign which looks like the climactic scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The man can’t hold a microphone steady at this point, let alone form a coherent sentence.

The person who is rubbing her hands with delight at this abusive spectacle, though, is Kamala Harris. Her complete lack of any redeeming qualities, or even any qualities that appeal to the electorate, has not stopped her from making a very serious bid for the highest office in the land. Harris—implausibly, since she won not a single delegate during her own presidential bid—has a real shot at this thing, and she can taste it. Not even her own voters like her. But that won’t stop her.

Elites in the Democrat Party, however, love her. Some of us are old enough to remember when President Obama had to apologize for calling her “by far the best-looking attorney general in the country.” There are plenty of reasons to think that the Obamas and many other mansion dwellers are delighted that a candidate they favor is now so close to the highest office in the land despite being soundly rejected by her own party’s voters. It’s not just because of her looks.

What Harris learned in California is how to thread the needle between satisfying the hard Left and the wealthy Democrat establishment (i.e., pretty much all of Big Corporate America) at the same time. President Trump hijacked the Republican Party from its establishment—rejected by their own base, many of them are now actively supporting Joe Biden and pretending Kamala Harris does not exist. But the Democrat Party contains a parallel tension within itself, having worked hard for years to cover over the fact that its base also increasingly hates its establishment. So much so, in fact, that in the last two election cycles a grumpy old socialist has earned thousands more delegates in the Democratic primary than the likes of Kamala Harris.

But Harris is now in the position to do what Democratic establishment types supported her for before she miserably flamed out in the primaries: she can now empty her soul of any substance or principle that remains and become the hollow vessel that incoherently holds their fracturing coalition together one last time. She contains multitudes, as the saying goes, and she can bridge the gap. As Kyle Shideler writes, she’s already made a deal with the devils of Antifa and BLM in order to accomplish the task before her.

This should terrify us all. Harris has made clear that she is a hollow sphere of pure ambition over which is stretched that pinched, strained grin of hers. She has publicly insinuated that her running mate is an outdated old white man whose voting record reflects foul prejudices running in the blood of all but the most radical Marxists in this country. Not that we should take her word on that or believe anything she says is sincere, since her own history as a prosecutor reflects a willingness to pivot instantaneously as it serves her, regardless of principle and of who gets unfairly jailed in the process.

She rose to prominence in San Francisco by presenting herself as a progressive visionary. As California’s Attorney General, Kamala Harris didn’t hesitate to send the SWAT team into pro-life whistleblower David Daleiden’s house, using the full power of the state against him, arm-in-arm with Planned Parenthood. But she also drew fire from her own team again and again by pursuing punitive measures like going after parents for their children’s truancy. The merits of her various policies notwithstanding, Harris has made clear that she has no core whatsoever.

Imagine what she would do as President. Remember the “Lock her up!” rally cry about Hilary Clinton? Harris’s campaign slogan may as well be “Kamala: She’s gonna lock you up.” If she doesn’t care what her own voters think, imagine how she’ll treat voters of the opposing party: as internal enemies to be jailed, silenced, and rendered powerless. Already she routinely telegraphs her desire to let violent rioters do politics for her while she sails unscathed to untold heights of unearned power.

A Harris Administration—which is what the Democrats are now promising to deliver, whether on inauguration day or shortly thereafter—would be a totalitarian nightmare. Harris is exactly the person to drive America headlong into the apocalyptic future which her own state of California is currently previewing and which, as Mike Anton has written, is surely the Democrat plan for the country as a whole. Freedom of speech? Out. Woke censorship by racialist technocrats? In. Personal security and self-defense? Out. Voting by riot? In. Harris will co-opt the woke revolution for the good of the oligarchs she serves and stomp it down our throats with her own painstakingly casual shoes, grinning all the while.

Republicans need to make clear that Joe, disastrous though he is, is only the gateway to this carnival of horrors. Trump is doing a good job of making this point so far: “[Biden] thinks she’s president,” he joked yesterday. We should all follow suit, and we should insist that Sleepy Joe be forced into the public eye as directly as possible, so that the absolute state of his inadequacy for office can be made totally plain. We need to shout from every available rooftop that what’s on offer here isn’t good old Uncle Joe: it’s the Momalocracy.

Ask yourself: if you think American government ought to remain a representative form of government, whom, exactly, does Kamala Harris represent? Plenty of people—many of them unpersuaded voters in important swing states—would vote for Biden but not for Harris. They made that known in the primaries. These folks must now be convinced that there is no longer any such thing as a vote for Biden but not for Harris: if they win, it’s going to be the latter’s White House sooner or later. And you’re not going to like the Harris administration.

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